WEB 111 – Composite Creature

Composite creature

The chose victim of this mutation is the middleweight champ Canelo (Saul Alvarez). Here he is, turned into a monster after being composited with an axolotl salamander, a cobra, a jack rabbit, and a fox.

The fox provided the eyes. Just a quick selection placed under the head. The real eyes were erased and the sockets were expanded using the bloat liquefy tool.

The jack rabbit’s ears were cut from and pasted onto Canelo’s. Getting them under the opponent was tricky. I duplicated the working layer, erased Canelo on that layer and placed the ears in the approximate spots. From there i just merged the layers and the ears ended up under the arm and the other guy.

For the cobra fist, cut and pasted the head on a layer above the working layer. I erased the boxing glove and pasted the cobra head on top. A little warp transform here and some touches of the mixing and healing brushes there and bam. Basically used the same process for the salamander fist.

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