WEB 111 – Lesson 7, Quick Fixes

Left – Changed, Right – Original Image


Simple enough change. Used the bloat and smooth tools around the eyes and a slight hint of of the forward tool on the corner of the mouth.


Used the polygonal lasso tool to select groups of gulls. Afterwards, i used the content aware tool, move mode and 7 structure, to move the birds closer together.



Set up iris field blurs on top of the of the main dancer’s body, three in total set to 3px.


This chance was made in Camera Raw. Lowered the exposure to -2.45, upped the contrast and the whites. Shadows up to +100.



Not too complicated. Just increased the brush size and used the Red Eye tool.


This one was a bit tough. Both actually look pretty okay to me, but we had to change it. Upped exposure to +1.65, lowered the contrast, and increased the shadows. Lowered the whites to -100, blacks to -30, and highlights to -75.

Upped the exposure to +.15, contrast to +25, white to -40, blacks to +5. Used red eye removal.

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